Another Coffee for the Road

Starbucks has made it its business to partner with lots of tech companies – Uber, Spotify, The New York Times – and the most recent addition to that list is Lyft, the popular ride-sharing service. I think this partnership – along with Starbucks’s other deals – represents a new kind of dominance for the brand. In the 1990s … Continue reading Another Coffee for the Road

Homemade General Tso

During the holiday season Chinese food can be quite popular, but have you ever wondered what goes into those tasty dishes from the store?  The best way to figure it out is to make some yourself! I saw this great video recipe for General Tso’s chicken and had to try it out.  The best part … Continue reading Homemade General Tso


Today is International Coffee Day, so I decided I’d take a minute to break down the details behind my coffee addiction habit. 1. I use a Hario hand mill, a two-cup burr grinder that allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind. Pros: You can really tell the difference between a burr grinder and a blade … Continue reading Ritual