Surprisingly Delicious Vegan Pepper Steak

2014-07-16 22.56.39

Vegan + Delicious = Blasphemy!  Many dishes which get around dietary restrictions swap key ingredients and leave the dish lacking in taste.  The sign of a successful replacement ingredient is approval by a third party unbound by those restrictions.  I am in no way a vegan and tend to stay away from vegetables and other green things, but my curiosity got the better of me when I saw Gardein Beefless Strips  at the grocery.

This dish was really quite tasty and it wasn’t as heavy a dish as the non-vegan version, so give it a try no matter what your diet (though not gluten-free because the beefless strips are made of wheat gluten, sometimes called Seitan).  The fake beef strips have a meaty texture and flavor, making it a magical substitution.  It was a perfect meal after seeing the wonderful film, Chef, which will make you salivate for 115 minutes.  Check out the recipe below:

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Redemption from Pastapocalypse

2014-07-17 12.49.11
Redemption tastes so good (with mushrooms and onions!)

The other day I screwed up my pasta sauce really badly by using Tomato Paste instead of Tomato Purée, so of course I needed to redeem myself by making a super easy, yet delicious pasta sauce.  Ideally this would be made using homemade tomato sauce, but I used a simple store-bought Marinara sauce.

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Looks like Knob Creek Bourbon is following Coke’s lead with a create-your-own-label campaign for folks who like their drinks on the rocks.  Thanks to Ilan Regenbaum at Venturing Capitalist for the Knob Creek tip. Continue reading Labels

Tomato Tribulations

Photo by Rachel Andrew

Having just moved down south, far from family and friends, I was faced with a real decision to make.  My choice would change my life forever.  Clearly, the selection of the proper tomato product to purchase at the grocery store would make or break my dinner.  But being a naive and uninformed shopper, I assumed that Tomato Paste was basically unflavored Tomato Sauce.  Boy was I wrong.

No matter how much I simmered, seasoned, or diluted, the “sauce” that I made had an incredibly strong, sickeningly sweet and acidic taste.  What I was really looking for in the store was Tomato Purée.  Unfortunately, my pasta was not great that night, but I learned quite a few Tomato Terms™ (which I will share below): Continue reading “Tomato Tribulations”