Chai Latte, on Demand

Starbucks is ramping up its coffee delivery service. Recode reports: The national coffee chain will start offering a delivery option through its app in select Seattle neighborhoods on Wednesday, though the service will come with a $5.99 delivery fee, plus tip. The high cost is likely too steep for most sane people ordering a single … Continue reading Chai Latte, on Demand

Roasting Regulations

The New York Times reports that the European Union regulatory division is looking into questionable tax practices by Starbucks, as well as other American firms. The highlight of the piece is the regulators’ contention that Starbucks’s roast technique wasn’t so much a recipe (and therefore intellectual property), as it was just a temperature instruction: The … Continue reading Roasting Regulations

Another Coffee for the Road

Starbucks has made it its business to partner with lots of tech companies – Uber, Spotify, The New York Times – and the most recent addition to that list is Lyft, the popular ride-sharing service. I think this partnership – along with Starbucks’s other deals – represents a new kind of dominance for the brand. In the 1990s … Continue reading Another Coffee for the Road

The Three-Shot Espresso

Two weeks ago, Starbucks announced that it would implement a monthly subscription plan for its newly-introduced high-end line of coffees. This comes on the heels of the coffee giant announcing the opening of its coffee mega-mecca, the Roastery, in Seattle, providing a destination for coffee worshippers to come, pray, and purchase at the origin of, well, … Continue reading The Three-Shot Espresso


Today is International Coffee Day, so I decided I’d take a minute to break down the details behind my coffee addiction habit. 1. I use a Hario hand mill, a two-cup burr grinder that allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind. Pros: You can really tell the difference between a burr grinder and a blade … Continue reading Ritual

One Shot, One Whiskey, One Beer: Scaling in the Beverage Industry

Last week, I stumbled across three great articles detailing the complexities behind beverage companies “scaling up,” and the difficulties behind maintaining both the quality of the drink, and the niche status of the product. Whiskey The first article, from NPR, is a quasi-expose of certain whiskey brands which sell under “small batch” or “handcrafted” labels, but … Continue reading One Shot, One Whiskey, One Beer: Scaling in the Beverage Industry