Music “Rivalries”

The Times of Israel carries a bold leading sentence about the acquisition of eMusic by an Israeli firm, TriPlay: Overnight, an Israeli cloud-based music access platform start-up has become one of the world’s largest digital music services. Comparable in size to iTunes and Google Play Music, eMusic was bought by Ramat Gan-based TriPlay for an undisclosed amount … Continue reading Music “Rivalries”


There’s an article in the Times about the critical role that Twitter has come to play in customer service, particularly for airlines. The piece cites an example of Seth Miller, a blogger, who uses Twitter to communicate with airlines whenever there’s a hitch: Before the plane door shut, Mr. Miller exchanged a few tweets with a customer … Continue reading #CustomerService


Word is that JetBlue will roll out free wi-fi on all of their flights by 2016. I always liked flying JetBlue – primarily because of the free Terra chips and their easy-to-use app – and this development makes me that much more likely to fly with them. Houston, here I come! Continue reading JetBlue

It’s All About Content

The NYT reported last week that Amazon had recruited Louis CK, Sacha Baron Cohen, and other comedians to produce a raft of new shows for Amazon’s Prime Video service. It’s clear that Amazon – like its video competitors Netflix and Hulu – is doubling down on its investment in content production, especially after Transparent took home … Continue reading It’s All About Content