Good Enough

Fast Company ran an article yesterday on how the gourmet food magazine Bon Appetit shot its entire March issue on iPhones. The magazine’s creative director, Alex Grossman, observed: I’m not going to say we were making fun of ourselves as we did it, but so rarely, in making a magazine, does it mimic real life. I’m … Continue reading Good Enough

Amazon’s Offline Expansion

The Times ran an article yesterday, speculating that Amazon may be looking to open more brick-and-mortar bookstores, to complement the one it built a few months ago: The Internet retailer plans to open more brick-and-mortar bookstores following the unveiling last year of one such location here in its hometown, according to a person briefed on … Continue reading Amazon’s Offline Expansion

The High End of Fitness

There’s an article in this week’s Economist about the cult of the hard-charging, emailing-from-the-treadmill-at-4am CEO. The article also describes the investments that companies have made in on-site fitness centers and coaches: This cult of hyper-performance is nurtured by a growing army of personal trainers and yoga coaches who make their living by fine-tuning and de-stressing business … Continue reading The High End of Fitness

Cyber Monday

As the internet knows, today is Cyber Monday, that time of year when anyone who forgot to fight their neighbor for a curved TV set at Target can go online and buy it there, no gladiator competition necessary. Over the last four days, my inbox has been flooded by a myriad of very tempting offers … Continue reading Cyber Monday

Credit Cards

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiquian recently purchased a Modigliani nude for a cool $170.4 million. The kicker of the story for me was that he put it on a credit card: There is another, more personal, benefit to the acquisition: airfare. Ms. Wang confirmed that, as in the past, she and Mr. Liu would be using … Continue reading Credit Cards

Music “Rivalries”

The Times of Israel carries a bold leading sentence about the acquisition of eMusic by an Israeli firm, TriPlay: Overnight, an Israeli cloud-based music access platform start-up has become one of the world’s largest digital music services. Comparable in size to iTunes and Google Play Music, eMusic was bought by Ramat Gan-based TriPlay for an undisclosed amount … Continue reading Music “Rivalries”


There’s an article in the Times about the critical role that Twitter has come to play in customer service, particularly for airlines. The piece cites an example of Seth Miller, a blogger, who uses Twitter to communicate with airlines whenever there’s a hitch: Before the plane door shut, Mr. Miller exchanged a few tweets with a customer … Continue reading #CustomerService


Word is that JetBlue will roll out free wi-fi on all of their flights by 2016. I always liked flying JetBlue – primarily because of the free Terra chips and their easy-to-use app – and this development makes me that much more likely to fly with them. Houston, here I come! Continue reading JetBlue