Stocks are on sale

The stock market kicked off 2021 with a swift 2%+ tumble. Ouch. For anyone who follows the market, this doubtless brings back memories of March 2020. COVID cases were on a sharp rise, and the stock market bottomed out, with a 30%+ drop over the course of just a few short weeks. A number of … Continue reading Stocks are on sale

Ubers, Ubers, Everywhere

The New York Times ran two articles this weekend, each one exploring an emerging class of Uber driver. The first article, from January 22nd, is titled “Older Drivers Hit the Road for Uber and Lyft,” and addresses, as you might expect, the increasing number of Baby Boomers who drive for app-based ridesharing services to supplement their income. … Continue reading Ubers, Ubers, Everywhere

Amazon Gets Physical

Looks like Amazon is opening a bookstore in Seattle. The Seattle Times reports: The store, called Amazon Books, looks a lot like bookstores that populate malls across the country. Its wood shelves are stocked with 5,000 to 6,000 titles, best-sellers as well as customer favorites. Some interesting things here, starting with the exposure it … Continue reading Amazon Gets Physical

Roasting Regulations

The New York Times reports that the European Union regulatory division is looking into questionable tax practices by Starbucks, as well as other American firms. The highlight of the piece is the regulators’ contention that Starbucks’s roast technique wasn’t so much a recipe (and therefore intellectual property), as it was just a temperature instruction: The … Continue reading Roasting Regulations