Beignets – New Orleans Pillow Shaped Donuts

BeignetDuring a recent visit to New Orleans, I fell in love with the famous Cafe Du Monde and their amazing Beignets (Pronounced: “Ben-Yays”).  While you can actually make them from scratch pretty easily, they sell a mix that I used to cut down the prep time.   Continue reading “Beignets – New Orleans Pillow Shaped Donuts”

Chocolate Covered Deliciousness

Chocolate Potato ChipsWhat is better than chocolate? Covering other things in chocolate!  I can’t believe that I have not tried to do this before, it was so easy to make.

For this recipe I actually used milk chocolate because, well I wanted to.  I don’t always have to have a reason for the things I do, experimentation is one of my favorite parts of cooking!  Actually, most recipe’s recommend sticking with semi sweet chocolate because milk chocolate has the tendency to completely overpower anything that you dip in it.  I found this to be true, so give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Continue reading “Chocolate Covered Deliciousness”

Simple Grilled Chicken (in a grill pan!)

So moist
So moist

There’s a certain time in winter when I start to crave a good Barbecue.  This overwhelmed me tonight, so I pulled out my grill pan and made this super simple, juicy grilled chicken.  There were no marinades, sauces, or complicated procedures, just chicken breast and some spices.  It is hard to believe that this dish is healthy because of how amazing it tastes!

It’s truly a shame that grilled chicken has such a bad reputation because when made right, it rocks.  Problem is, people are so afraid of under-cooking it that that beat it to death and dry it out by overcooking it.  Follow the steps below to avoid this shameful situation. Continue reading “Simple Grilled Chicken (in a grill pan!)”

Creamy, Slow-Scrambled Eggs (in a double-boiler)

Not a stock photo, I made this!

While traditional scrambled eggs was the first food that I could ever say I “cooked”, I’ve been recently trying some interesting variations.  This Lifehacker post talks of two different ways to cook, a different version of scrambled eggs that is creamy, fluffy, and easily spreadable on toast.  The Gordon Ramsay method, just requires a regular pot and involves constantly stirring the eggs while over extremely low heat.  I’ve tried this method before but it is quite a bit of work and it is easy to overcook the eggs.  Today I tried the double-boiler method, and even though it was slow, it resulted in those incredible looking (and tasting!) eggs that you can see above.  Continue reading “Creamy, Slow-Scrambled Eggs (in a double-boiler)”

Cajun Chicken Ragout (with beef bacon bits!)

I want more
I want more

Last week, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some Grow and Behold beef bacon.  Oh it was so good that David wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!  I first used it to make bacon and eggs (see the picture below) which were great but a bit too greasy.  Next time I have to use the technique (shown here) of using paper towel to absorb the extra fat in the pan. After my bacon introduction, I went for Chef John’s amazing looking and purposefully misspelled Cajun Chicken Ragu.  It has quite a few steps, but nothing particularly difficult, and it was absolutely fabulous!  The Cajun spices made this a spicy dish, but in a flavorful and balanced way.  Continue reading “Cajun Chicken Ragout (with beef bacon bits!)”

Berry-Banana Smoothie

BerrySmoothieLevelIf you are looking for a great way to start the day, there’s nothing better than a loud blender chopping its way through frozen fruit.  I have a huge bag of frozen blackberries blueberries and raspberries from Costco in my freezer, so I threw a cup of it into my blender with a banana and woke up all the neighbors!  The key to making this smoothie work is adding some water into the blender (about 1/8-1/4 cup) until the consistency is as desired.  It is wonderfully sweet and tart, almost like a sorbet.

Makes 2 Servings, Nutritional info per serving: Continue reading “Berry-Banana Smoothie”