For Help, Hit “Send”

Twitter is getting deeper into the customer service game, and in so doing, seeking to combat Facebook Messenger. DigiDay reports: Twitter is making it easier for brands to initiate a direct message when private information is needed, say a record locator or a credit card number, with a new button within a tweet that directly … Continue reading For Help, Hit “Send”

Twitter Advertising Goes HoC

So, House of Cards has clearly struck a nerve in the Twitter advertising world. It’s actually a little clever. Is @Frank_Underwood the man for the job? #HouseOfCardsSeason3 — Monster (@Monster) February 27, 2015 Welcome back, Frank. See you in 10 hours, Twitter. #HouseOfCards #bingewatching #GoCommando — Cottonelle (@cottonelle) February 27, 2015 Just knock … Continue reading Twitter Advertising Goes HoC

Fifteen Seconds

Facebook has decided to shorten Warhol’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” to “Fifteen Seconds,” thanks to the new video functionality added to Instagram, which allows the user to take up to fifteen seconds of video – a full nine seconds longer than Twitter’s Vine app, and certainly one giant leap for mankind. That said, we would … Continue reading Fifteen Seconds

Social Singing

Twitter is gearing up to imminently release some sort of music recommendation service, thanks to its recent acquisition of We Are Hunted. It’s hard to tell what exactly the service will offer, but it may not  directly compete with heavyweights like Spotify, Pandora, or the upcoming Apple radio service – opting instead to serve as … Continue reading Social Singing

The Social Sell

ImageYesterday, I bought a $25 American Express Gift Card for $15. The neat thing is, I did it on Twitter. I’m not sure if this sort of selling is necessarily going to be the next big thing in eCommerce, but it is certainly a compelling development in how Twitter – which recently raised the per-day cost of its “Promoted Tweet” to $200,000 – is seeking to monetize its product. Similarly, Facebook is experimenting with a ticket purchase option for some events, demonstrating Social Media’s interest – and need – to expand from simple advertising platforms to facilitators of consumer engagement – and purchases.

Continue reading “The Social Sell”

The MLA Now has Guidelines for Citing Twitter

In keeping with the “modern” part of its name, the Modern Language Association has instituted guidelines for citing a tweet.  It’s admittedly neat that Twitter posts now have enough resonance to merit inclusion, though the Association’s example – a Pakistani man’s May 2011 observation of a helicopter carrying SEAL Team 6, who shortly thereafter killed … Continue reading The MLA Now has Guidelines for Citing Twitter