Let’s Get Digital

There’s a nice piece on Medium by a member of The Economist’s digital team that speaks to the 140 year-old publication’s active efforts to remain relevant to newer generations, which, in this case, amounts to a more aggressive digital strategy: social media, video, experiential marketing, interactive content, and so on. What I liked about the … Continue reading Let’s Get Digital


Two days ago, I hit the 200-day mark in my journaling app, Day One. This number isn’t particularly impressive in and of itself – it’s only seven months worth of writing, and there are plenty of people who’ve written for far, far longer – but it is nice to have a record of consistency. I … Continue reading Journaling

Android Watch on iOS

The Google Blog announced the other day that upcoming Android Wear watches will work with newer iPhones. I’d been curious whether or not Google (and its OEM partners) would go down this path. In general, iPhone owners enjoy the same Google apps that their Android counterparts use. However, given Google’s stabs into integrated hardware – Nexus … Continue reading Android Watch on iOS

iMessage Not Delivered

Apple did a lot right on the software front in 2013 – mostly in the form of iOS 7 on mobile and OSX 10.9 on desktops. And for better or worse, it continued the debatable trend of migrating iOS features to OS X. These changes – Notification Center, Dashboard, iMessage, iBooks, Airdrop, among others – fall into two categories: they either supplant existing third party features (Growl, Google Notifier, or the Kindle app), or supplement your desktop with an app that previously only existed on your phone. The logic from Apple’s point of view is clear: Continue reading “iMessage Not Delivered”


money-stacks-1024x768Guess which firm and founder fits the following example:

A once-dominant company, brought to its knees by competition from Apple and Amazon, is faced with dropping sales, a sinking share price, and angry shareholders. In walks the silver-haired founder of the company, who volunteers part of his reduced, if still substantial fortune, in order to buy the company and save the brand.

Continue reading “Repatriation”