Looks like Knob Creek Bourbon is following Coke’s lead with a create-your-own-label campaign for folks who like their drinks on the rocks.  Thanks to Ilan Regenbaum at Venturing Capitalist for the Knob Creek tip. Advertisements Continue reading Labels

The Facebook Ad

Facebook posted its first ad this morning, depicting, among other things, chairs, airplanes and bridges – in short, the things that connect us. The minute-and-a-half long spot, produced by Wieden+Kennedy, places gentle violin strings over images that are both urban and rural, developed and developing, young and old – all of them rather banal. The … Continue reading The Facebook Ad


There seems to be nothing new under the sun – er, fire, that is.  Mercedes-Benz just unveiled a fiery brushstroke design that its marketing gurus have dubbed “Aesthetics S.” Interestingly, the whole fiery car outline motif seems to have been begun by Infiniti last year, under the marketing tagline of “Inspired Performance.”  Compare the designs … Continue reading Brushstrokes