Looking Down the Road

Within the past few days, two large car manufacturers have announced significant investments into companies that may, if successful, reduce actual car ownership. General Motors has invested in ridesharing startup Lyft, and Audi has put money into premium car rental service Silvercar. GM announced that it was putting $500 million into Lyft, valuing the company at $5.5 … Continue reading Looking Down the Road

CarPlay in ’16

Carmakers have announced the list of 2016 models that will feature dashboard displays that are compatible with iPhones. Given how much I use my iPhone for navigation, music and podcasts in the car, I feel as though CarPlay may well factor into my decision the next time I’m in the market for a new set of … Continue reading CarPlay in ’16

Android Watch on iOS

The Google Blog announced the other day that upcoming Android Wear watches will work with newer iPhones. I’d been curious whether or not Google (and its OEM partners) would go down this path. In general, iPhone owners enjoy the same Google apps that their Android counterparts use. However, given Google’s stabs into integrated hardware – Nexus … Continue reading Android Watch on iOS