Sitting on the Syrian Fence

CIAWhen it comes to Syria, the Obama administration is in a quandary. It has thus far provided more than $650 million in non-lethal aid to the Syrian rebels, but has also notably shied away from providing actual weaponry or logistical support. The result is a dangerous quagmire where the rebels have enough support to continue fighting, but not enough force to consistently repel government troops or inflict a blow strong enough to halt the mounting slaughter. Continue reading “Sitting on the Syrian Fence”


France Wants Foreign Capital, Except When it Doesn’t

daily motionWith Marissa Mayer at the helm, Yahoo! is on a spending spree. In an effort to become a new online hub for video, the company snapped up the rights to stream episodes of Saturday Night Live – previously a Hulu special – and recently attempted to purchase the popular French video site DailyMotion. However, the government of President Francois Hollande has expressed its objections to the takeover, and sought to block the deal. Continue reading “France Wants Foreign Capital, Except When it Doesn’t”

Amazing Sloppy Joe’s

This week I’ve decided to go sans pizza (cheese too) so tonight I ate something different.  I had my first sloppy joe in many years and it was absolutely wonderful.  I never realized how sweet and savory they could be and was thus always unexcited about them.  That was until I came across this article/video. … Continue reading Amazing Sloppy Joe’s

Vegetarian Meatballs for the Carnivore in You.

Normally I won’t post about a recipe until I have tried it myself but this one by Chef John looks too darn awesome to make our readers wait. It’s a meatless meatball that actually looks good!  Check out the Foodwishes channel on youtube for other amazing recipes. I’m an avid subscriber/salivator. I will definitely be trying this out (and … Continue reading Vegetarian Meatballs for the Carnivore in You.

Selective Regulation

china flagThis morning’s Times article on dangerously high levels of pollution in China presents an interesting contrast with much of the country’s other, hands-on policies. By virtue of being a Communist state, China owns – outright or in part – and regulates virtually every major national sector. China Mobile? State owned. Phone maker ZTE? Formed from the ribs of state organizations. PertroChina? You betcha. What these degrees of ownership and oversight mean is that, obviously, Beijing plays favorites with homegrown enterprises, and will squeeze or sanction any foreign firms that don’t play by its rules. The Party knows that it has a large consumer base, and it uses that fact as a fulcrum in ensuring that corporations like Disney don’t depict subversive content, Google filters its search results, and Apple provides upgraded customer service. In fact, the latest Apple charge seems strongly government-instigated, demonstrating that if you can’t join ’em (at least in a venture), you might as well beat ’em. Continue reading “Selective Regulation”