Redemption from Pastapocalypse

2014-07-17 12.49.11
Redemption tastes so good (with mushrooms and onions!)

The other day I screwed up my pasta sauce really badly by using Tomato Paste instead of Tomato Purée, so of course I needed to redeem myself by making a super easy, yet delicious pasta sauce.  Ideally this would be made using homemade tomato sauce, but I used a simple store-bought Marinara sauce.

Instructions are below: Continue reading “Redemption from Pastapocalypse”

Tomato Tribulations

Photo by Rachel Andrew

Having just moved down south, far from family and friends, I was faced with a real decision to make.  My choice would change my life forever.  Clearly, the selection of the proper tomato product to purchase at the grocery store would make or break my dinner.  But being a naive and uninformed shopper, I assumed that Tomato Paste was basically unflavored Tomato Sauce.  Boy was I wrong.

No matter how much I simmered, seasoned, or diluted, the “sauce” that I made had an incredibly strong, sickeningly sweet and acidic taste.  What I was really looking for in the store was Tomato Purée.  Unfortunately, my pasta was not great that night, but I learned quite a few Tomato Terms™ (which I will share below): Continue reading “Tomato Tribulations”