The Bondcast!

Here’s our first episode of the Bondcast, where, true to our mission, we “make self-aggrandizing statements on things that we’re wholly unqualified to make statements about.” A brief breakdown of the ‘cast goes as follows:

2013-08-29 17.55.26
A little bit of Bonding, N64-style.

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The Times ran an excellent article yesterday, detailing how Israeli hospitals take in some of those wounded in the Syrian conflict, despite the fact that the two countries are technically at war. But what’s chilling is the extent to which Israel needs to protect the identities of those it treats, lest they eventually suffer recriminations for having been treated in an Israeli hospital.  The article notes: Continue reading “Recriminations”

Sitting on the Syrian Fence

CIAWhen it comes to Syria, the Obama administration is in a quandary. It has thus far provided more than $650 million in non-lethal aid to the Syrian rebels, but has also notably shied away from providing actual weaponry or logistical support. The result is a dangerous quagmire where the rebels have enough support to continue fighting, but not enough force to consistently repel government troops or inflict a blow strong enough to halt the mounting slaughter. Continue reading “Sitting on the Syrian Fence”