Assorted Thoughts on AirPods

A few days ago, I ran the Jerusalem Marathon. As I lined up at the start line, I looked around and noticed the wide variety of runners around me; some were kitted out in compression socks and CamelBaks, and an interpid few wore nothing more than racing singlets and 2-inch split shorts in 52-degree weather. … Continue reading Assorted Thoughts on AirPods

Running with Tech

The Atlantic has a neat story about the increasing number of marathoners, and the corresponding increase in users of running apps. The apps can help runners find camaraderie with one another, but can also remove running’s stripped-down, essential nature. As a longtime MapMyRun user, I found that the article particularly resonant. Especially the following: “It has a … Continue reading Running with Tech


Sneakers are notoriously subjective. Everyone has a unique body type, running style, and exercise environment. If Nike commercials and the “five-finger” movement are any indication, footwear companies have settled on a less-is-more philosophy, heavily pushing more minimalist footwear. Despite the subjective nature of sneaker advice, I’d like to offer some of my experience with a crossover … Continue reading Flyknits

One-Thousand Miles

On Friday, I crossed the one-thousand mile threshold for 2014. It’s pretty neat. I started running casually about four years ago, and seriously about two years ago. The introduction of running into my routine has been nothing short of transformational. Combined with diet modification, running helped me lose, and keep off, about 35 pounds since late-2012. … Continue reading One-Thousand Miles

Just for Kicks

As I’ve written in the past, I’m a big fan of MapMyRun, an extremely versatile fitness tracking app that works on both iOS and Android. I use the free version, since I don’t mind the occasional Reebok splash page when I finish my runs, and $30/year seems a little steep for additional functionality that I’m … Continue reading Just for Kicks

Cold Weather Running

I took up running about three years ago, and have typically been a fair-weather jogger. I’d run outdoors – and more specifically, NYC’s phenomenal Greenway along the Hudson River – but only between the months of March and November. During the winter months, I’d only run in weather above forty degrees, or otherwise hit the treadmill at my college gym. However, I find running on a treadmill tedious and occasionally stomach-twisting, and much prefer the outdoors, whenever possible. This year, I decided to venture outside during the winter months, and  managed to squeeze out a few runs in 10-20 degree weather. Here are a few items I’ve found indispensable:

Continue reading “Cold Weather Running”