Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for a Cold and Rainy Day

ImageThe other day, it was quite miserable outside, perfect for a bowl of hearty chicken noodle soup.  Well, technically it was a chicken stock but I’ll get into that later.  Here is my go-to chicken soup recipe.

Notably, I used a red onion in this because that was what I had on hand and it performed quite well.  Also, I tend to just use whatever spices that are in reach, and this changes every time I make it.

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Hurricane Stew

Last week, my apartment in the East Village was without electricity or cell phone service from Monday night to Friday evening due to Hurricane Sandy, and I remained in the powerless Village until Friday afternoon.  While the damage that the hurricane has done is severe, I like to view my experience in a positive light.

Thankfully, my apartment was fairly well off, in that we had running water, hot water, and gas that still worked even though the power was out.

My favorite outcome of the week is a new dish, which was concocted with a desire to use up perishables before they would spoil.  Even with this humble purpose, it turned out to be incredibly tasty and my roommates and I named it Hurricane Stew. Continue reading “Hurricane Stew”

BBQ Butterfly Cornish Hen (salt free recipe)

The end result looks like it is about to go into battle, and tastes like it too!

Last weekend I rotisseried Cornish hen for my family (and regrettably didn’t blog about it) so when I was asked to prepare Cornish hens for this weekend I decided to try out a different method.  After some googling, I decided to butterfly them (sometimes called spatchcocking) and then BBQ them and the results were wonderful.   Not only was the outside crispy and well spiced, the inside was moist (yes, even the white meat) and delicious!

Butterflying is a technique that requires removing the spine and then flattening the meat.  This allows for the meat to lie flatter on the cooking surface and thus get cooked evenly and quickly.  You can see a slightly horrifying but very helpful demonstration of the technique in this video.  The recipe I used was slightly different than the one in the video but very similar.

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