All the News That’ll Fit to an iPhone Screen

In iOS 9, Apple now permits users to move Newsstand apps out of the dedicated folder. It’s nice to see Apple loosening these restrictions. I suspect it’s because it was hard to keep a firm lock on what was really considered news: Would apps from, say, Buzzfeed or Vice be considered news or content? The … Continue reading All the News That’ll Fit to an iPhone Screen


The Times ran an excellent article yesterday, detailing how Israeli hospitals take in some of those wounded in the Syrian conflict, despite the fact that the two countries are technically at war. But what’s chilling is the extent to which Israel needs to protect the identities of those it treats, lest they eventually suffer recriminations for having been treated in an Israeli hospital.  The article notes: Continue reading “Recriminations”

Claims About Computer Graded Essays

The New York Times featured an article today discussing recent back and forth over computer graded essays. There seem to be many critics: “Let’s face the realities of automatic essay scoring,” the group’s statement reads in part. “Computers cannot ‘read.’ They cannot measure the essentials of effective written communication: accuracy, reasoning, adequacy of evidence, good … Continue reading Claims About Computer Graded Essays

The New Hollywood Code

ImageThere is a fascinating article in The New York Times that explores the increasing level of coordination between Hollywood studios and Chinese censors. The studios – like all other industries – want access to China’s vast population, which has newfound disposable income and a greater desire for Western entertainment and material goods. But the Chinese government rigidly filters what elements make their way into theaters, generally censoring extreme sex scenes, religious criticism, and lukewarm sentiments about China itself. These limitations are unsurprising, given the government’s ban on pornography, wariness of religion, and repressive maintenance of a positive national image.

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