Farewell, Vegetarian Falafel

Last year, I discovered two great Kosher vegetarian falafel places – Soom-Soom (two locations:East 56th and West 72nd Streets in NYC), and Amba, in Montclair Village, Oakland. Both joints served up delicious falafel and superb hummus at great prices. About four months ago, Soom-Soom announced that it was dropping its vegetarian vibe, and putting chicken … Continue reading Farewell, Vegetarian Falafel

Cold Weather Running

I took up running about three years ago, and have typically been a fair-weather jogger. I’d run outdoors – and more specifically, NYC’s phenomenal Greenway along the Hudson River – but only between the months of March and November. During the winter months, I’d only run in weather above forty degrees, or otherwise hit the treadmill at my college gym. However, I find running on a treadmill tedious and occasionally stomach-twisting, and much prefer the outdoors, whenever possible. This year, I decided to venture outside during the winter months, and ┬ámanaged to squeeze out a few runs in 10-20 degree weather. Here are a few items I’ve found indispensable:

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