NPR’s Digital Challenges and Opportunities

Slate has a long, well thought-out piece on NPR’s digital challenges and opportunities. Namely, NPR seems to be moving slowly as lots of other competitors – especially NPR veterans who’ve left the organization – roll out newer, more exciting audio programming: The debate also raised an even thornier and as-yet-unanswered question: What is the value of … Continue reading NPR’s Digital Challenges and Opportunities

Advertising on Podcasts

The Wall Street Journal has a thorough piece on the challenges of advertising on Podcasts. Namely, there’s no real way to track whether an ad has been heard, or even if a downloaded podcast has been listened to. And podcast advertising budgets are relatively small fries, compared to the big potatoes that are traditional media: … Continue reading Advertising on Podcasts


In light of Ben’s recent post about NPR’s new NPR One app, I figured I’d chime in on my own public radio listening habits. I really love NPR and APM (American Public Media). NPR tends to have more human interest stories, whereas APM has a strong tech- and finance- bent. I enjoy NPR’s Religion podcast, as … Continue reading Podcasting

NPR One Review

Last week, NPR released NPR One as the official National Public Radio mobile app (Android and iphone).  I’ve become a big fan of theirs (David has too!) as I now spend much more time in a car than I did in Manhattan and don’t always want to hear the same five songs on repeat on the … Continue reading NPR One Review