Jay-Z recently revealed his plans for Tidal, a high-fidelity music-streaming service. The key differentiators are: Tidal will have no free tier Tidal will have a $10/mo compressed quality option, and a $20 CD-quality option Tidal will offer equity stakes in the company to artists I’m a little skeptical that Tidal will succeed. Spotify and Pandora are … Continue reading Tidal

Doom, Gloom, and Just a Little Zoom

The Rolling Stones’ newly-released “Doom and Gloom” does not break musical ground, and, frankly, that’s a good thing. The song plays to the group’s strengths – dominating drumbeats, straightforward production values, and a catchy, ringtone-worthy opening riff – while simultaneously repackaging lyrics for a Millenial audience. The result is a somewhat unexceptional, but nonetheless catchy and enjoyable track that ranks among the Stones’s A- work.