Portabello Burgers in a Panini Press

As a dedicated reader may have noticed, Ben is a rather prolific carnivore. In fact, in the words of one critic, he is our generation’s Mark Bittman. I tend to lean a bit more vegetarian, and so I often try to replicate recipes like Ben’s, but with vegetable substitutes.

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Vegetarian Meatballs for the Carnivore in You.

Normally I won’t post about a recipe until I have tried it myself but this one by Chef John looks too darn awesome to make our readers wait. It’s a meatless meatball that actually looks good!  Check out the Foodwishes channel on youtube for other amazing recipes. I’m an avid subscriber/salivator. I will definitely be trying this out (and … Continue reading Vegetarian Meatballs for the Carnivore in You.