Over the course of my day, I bounce between a number of different chat apps, primarily Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and Google Hangouts. With the exception of Slack, none of these services offered a Mac desktop app, and so I needed to keep browser windows open for each of my conversations, which was very frustrating. Enter … Continue reading Franz

Out-Googling Google

On Wednesday, Facebook announced a substantial increase in revenue, earning $5.8 billion in Q4, and reaching nearly 1.6 billion users. What struck me was how deeply certain Facebook products – which until somewhat recently had been just side features – are now both intrinsic to its growth strategy and a direct threat to many of … Continue reading Out-Googling Google

Local E-Commerce

My wife and I are moving into a new apartment, and so we’ve been busy doing all sorts of new apartment things: finding a painter and handyman, purchasing appliances, choosing an Internet provider, hiring a mover, and so on. At almost every step, we’ve used our iPhones – and more specifically, Facebook – to do … Continue reading Local E-Commerce