Running with Tech

The Atlantic has a neat story about the increasing number of marathoners, and the corresponding increase in users of running apps. The apps can help runners find camaraderie with one another, but can also remove running’s stripped-down, essential nature. As a longtime MapMyRun user, I found that the article particularly resonant. Especially the following: “It has a … Continue reading Running with Tech

Fitbit vs GoPro IPO

Fitbit has announced plans to go public. Although the firm has first mover advantage in the wearable fitness space, I’m a little skeptical of its long-term prospects. Namely, I think that the days of the single-use device – and especially, wearables – are numbered. As the Apple Watch – and to vastly lesser extents, Android … Continue reading Fitbit vs GoPro IPO

One-Thousand Miles

On Friday, I crossed the one-thousand mile threshold for 2014. It’s pretty neat. I started running casually about four years ago, and seriously about two years ago. The introduction of running into my routine has been nothing short of transformational. Combined with diet modification, running helped me lose, and keep off, about 35 pounds since late-2012. … Continue reading One-Thousand Miles

Just for Kicks

As I’ve written in the past, I’m a big fan of MapMyRun, an extremely versatile fitness tracking app that works on both iOS and Android. I use the free version, since I don’t mind the occasional Reebok splash page when I finish my runs, and $30/year seems a little steep for additional functionality that I’m … Continue reading Just for Kicks