Some Lessons from a Failed Startup

A few weeks ago, we hung up the spikes at Finishers Club – the fitness startup I’d been running since early-2016. It had been a fantastic two years, but we didn’t show enough scale or traction for the company to continue operating. As with all ex-CEOs, I decided to sit down and write up some … Continue reading Some Lessons from a Failed Startup

Calling an Audible

t-mobile-logoT-Mobile, in many respects, has its back to the wall. It did not carry the iPhone until this week. Its 4G network still lags behind those of Verizon and AT&T. And one year ago, AT&T dropped its $39 billion acquisition plans, in light of opposition from the Justice department. And its relatively small hold on the US phone market has meant that the T-Mobile still lags among the big four phone carriers.

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Fiber in the Diet

Yesterday, internet services company Akamai released its annual “State of the Internet” report, which tracks the various changes in internet speeds and penetration across the globe. When it came to broadband speeds, the US pulled in at 14th place, behind smaller countries such as Germany and South Korea. Before the alarmists clamor about the loss … Continue reading Fiber in the Diet