Spotify on Facebook Messenger

I first discovered Spotify on Facebook about five years ago – there was some sort of promotion or link – and now it seems appropriate that Spotify forged a tighter partnership with Messenger by allowing music listeners users to more easily share music through Messenger. I think that this helps both brands in significant ways. Facebook is out … Continue reading Spotify on Facebook Messenger

Tumblin’ Dice

There’s been some hubbub lately about the potential tax implications of Yahoo’s planned spinoff of its 15% stake in Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. Those shares, worth about $25 billion, would account for the lion’s share of Yahoo’s $29 billion market cap at close of trading on Monday. This math got me thinking about Yahoo’s other big acquisition … Continue reading Tumblin’ Dice


Yesterday, Instagram released Hyperlapse, a video recording app that shoots at a lower frame rate than standard video apps, yielding smoother, more cinematic looking video that resembles Hollywood tracking shots. I tried it out – very briefly! – on a run earlier today, and indeed, the app does what it says. Now, I just need to find … Continue reading Hyperlapse

Fifteen Seconds

Facebook has decided to shorten Warhol’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” to “Fifteen Seconds,” thanks to the new video functionality added to Instagram, which allows the user to take up to fifteen seconds of video – a full nine seconds longer than Twitter’s Vine app, and certainly one giant leap for mankind. That said, we would … Continue reading Fifteen Seconds