GoPro’s Mobile Investment

Bloomberg reports that GoPro bought two mobile video editing companies, Stupeflix and Vemory, for a combined $105 million. What I found most interesting is what CEO Nick Woodman wrote about how users edit video. Namely: We recognize that the future is not hunkering out at your desktop for four to five hours on a Sunday … Continue reading GoPro’s Mobile Investment

GoPro Goes Long

AdWeek reported yesterday that GoPro will award cash prizes on a weekly basis to users who generate some of the best content. The piece notes: “This is not a contest or gimmick—it’s an ongoing campaign,” said Zander Lurie, svp of entertainment at GoPro. “We envision that a key component of our strategy will be to share revenue … Continue reading GoPro Goes Long

Fitbit vs GoPro IPO

Fitbit has announced plans to go public. Although the firm has first mover advantage in the wearable fitness space, I’m a little skeptical of its long-term prospects. Namely, I think that the days of the single-use device – and especially, wearables – are numbered. As the Apple Watch – and to vastly lesser extents, Android … Continue reading Fitbit vs GoPro IPO

Bringing It

Canon launched their “Bring It” campaign a few months ago, as part of the larger goal of, well, bringing SLRs to the consumer market, but for the purpose of shooting serious video, not just pictures. Based on the content featured in the ad, it seems as though Canon is trying to go nose-to-nose with GoPro on … Continue reading Bringing It