Organic Foods. Prime Benefits.

Yesterday, I got an email from Amazon, letting me know that my Prime card* would now get me 5% back at Whole Foods. What strikes me as interesting about the marriage of Amazon and Whole Foods is how Amazon is using Whole Foods as a unique beachhead in its rapid assault on other retail incumbents. … Continue reading Organic Foods. Prime Benefits.

Face ID & Advertising

I really want an iPhone X. But I also really want to hold onto the $1,000 I would spend on an iPhone X. Ah, conundrums. In order satiate that desire — for now — I’ve resorted to reading reviews of the iPhone X. Yesterday, I read John Gruber’s review on Daring Fireball. Writing about Face … Continue reading Face ID & Advertising

Snapchat Stories

This morning, I read up on Snapchat’s dismal earnings — their first report as a public company. They lost $2.2 billion, with more than one-third of that amount spent on R&D — a testament to the fact that the company knows that there is no such thing as a technological moat, not with Facebook snapping at its heels, and so … Continue reading Snapchat Stories

It’s Hard to Be a Mid-Market Phonemaker

Via the WSJ: “A Chinese technology giant, whose telecom networking equipment is shut out of the U.S. due to security concerns, is bringing its high-end smartphone to American consumers for the first time…Targeting the low-end segment, where margins are thin, doesn’t fit well with Huawei’s attempt to move upscale and sell more expensive phones. “The … Continue reading It’s Hard to Be a Mid-Market Phonemaker

Email Blast from the Past

The Wall Street Journal reported the other day that news email subscription TheSkimm is rolling out a paid premium service. For some industries – mainly tech, politics, and news – the emergence of the email newsletter as the product has proved successful, with brands like CB Insights, Mattermark, and others using newsletters as either the crux of their product … Continue reading Email Blast from the Past

The Mobility Company

My guess is that, in the wake of Tesla’s enormous, $3 billion pre-order frenzy last week, Ford’s PR team scrambled to get flattering coverage of their own efforts, seeking to be cast in the same Silicon Valley light reserved for tech companies. A recent article in The New York Times speaks to that effort: Over the past year, Ford … Continue reading The Mobility Company