The Delusion of Doing

Several weeks ago, John Pavlus wrote an excellent piece, Confessions of a Recovering Lifehackerthat effectively lanced many of the “productivity hacks” that have come to make distraction feel worthwhile.  Pavlus writes that, ” lifehacking is so seductive because it’s simply easier than asking some bigger, harder, more important questions about where your time and attention go…the stakes are low” – in short, he writes, if you clear out your Gmail, you feel tremendously accomplished, and if you don’t, you’ll still be annoyed by something that plagues almost everybody anyway, so, no big deal.  The risks are low, but the gratification and self-satisfaction are high.

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Microsoft Reveals a Tablet: Cue the “Surface to Air” Comparisons

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Surface, its entry into the tablet market.  Technically described as both a tablet and a PC, Surface packs a keyboard/cover that may bring it more into ultrabook territory. Like Apple, and Google with its Nexus line of phones, Microsoft has slid into the hardware driver’s seat to ensure tighter integration between hardware … Continue reading Microsoft Reveals a Tablet: Cue the “Surface to Air” Comparisons