Running with Tech

The Atlantic has a neat story about the increasing number of marathoners, and the corresponding increase in users of running apps. The apps can help runners find camaraderie with one another, but can also remove running’s stripped-down, essential nature. As a longtime MapMyRun user, I found that the article particularly resonant. Especially the following: “It has a … Continue reading Running with Tech

Credit Cards

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiquian recently purchased a Modigliani nude for a cool $170.4 million. The kicker of the story for me was that he put it on a credit card: There is another, more personal, benefit to the acquisition: airfare. Ms. Wang confirmed that, as in the past, she and Mr. Liu would be using … Continue reading Credit Cards


Two days ago, I hit the 200-day mark in my journaling app, Day One. This number isn’t particularly impressive in and of itself – it’s only seven months worth of writing, and there are plenty of people who’ve written for far, far longer – but it is nice to have a record of consistency. I … Continue reading Journaling

Amazon Gets Physical

Looks like Amazon is opening a bookstore in Seattle. The Seattle Times reports: The store, called Amazon Books, looks a lot like bookstores that populate malls across the country. Its wood shelves are stocked with 5,000 to 6,000 titles, best-sellers as well as customer favorites. Some interesting things here, starting with the exposure it … Continue reading Amazon Gets Physical